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Vårt företag har rating AA, vilket innebär god kreditvärdighet enligt Soliditets värderingssystem, som baseras på cirka 2 400 beslutsregler. Denna uppgift är dagsfärsk, informationen uppdateras dagligen via Soliditets databas.

Org. nr.: 556699-8141

Sjöströms Nordic was founded by Uno Sjöström in 2004. In the years since the business has diversified from CRM implementation (Customer Relationship Management) to encompass process mapping, contingency and continuity plans, Excel tools, and hiring of personnel, mainly within the IT and assistant sector.

The team at Sjöströms Nordic possesses extensive expertise that enables us to meet the needs of various clients. We have experience of detailed pricing work and assignments involving framework agreement procedures.

Our company has an AA rating, denoting good creditworthiness according to Soliditet's assessment system, which is based on approximately 2,400 decision rules. This information is always current, with information being updated daily via Soliditet's database.

We offer IT support within:
  • End-user Support
  • Excel Tool
  • Project Management
  • Integration Coordination
  • IT technician per hour/day/week
Staffing for the pharmaceutical and insurance industries We provide staff (junior consultants) with a focus on embodiment. We have also signed cooperation agreements with Proffice Partner Solutions AB and can provide strong-price proposal.Operative continuity plan We provide your company with a complete continuity plan:
  • Appraising any existing continuity plan/business documentation
  • Description of supplementation of your continuity plan
  • Composition of project group
  • Delivery of complete continuity plan
  • Conclusion and administration of your continuity plan


Markörgatan 10  |  136 44 HANDEN  |  08-35 16 88  |  Org. nr.: 556699-8141